a new loser

michael is my newest pay piggy…. he has spent a considerableamount in the last 4 days. He has gone and bought every mail I have to offer except my very large tribute buttons (which I was amused to see he passed over, but not surprised given…), but he also bought ALL of my clips on clips4sale. Below are a few screen shots from 12-21 when he spent a majority of the $1000 or so he has spent this week.

here is a loser who knows how he can earn free treats and the honor of being mentioned by name in my blog, hahahaha

I have brainwashed this loser, he can’t stop watching my videos over and over. "Al For Kyaa" is his mantra, he is a brainwashed click slave for me, and he is utterly helpless when it comes to paying me… if I send him a mail, he cannot help but pay it without thought, it didn’t take this loser long, and he was off the fucking deep end. This loser was easy to break, he just knows his place! hahaha

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