away for a whole WEEK

I am off and away for a week (starting yesterday) for the Thanksgiving holiday. I know you horny pigs are missing me already. It is so difficult to focus when you have that hard clit-stick in your hand, I know, I know. So here are some easy ways to get off and spoil me while I am gone:

My new RECORDED listing!! OH SO FUCKIN HOT!! Only $1.00 a minute!! No really, this is one of the sexiest recordings I’ve made yet!


Also make sure to check out my CLIPS4SALE where there are A LOT of free pictures to jerk to, as well as clips ranging in price from $2.99 for you cheap bitches, and up to $50.99 for the piggies who know how to please me!


4 sexy minutes of smothering  $25.00  Video

ALSO….. Make sure you buy THIS:

a list of ALL of my pay mail buttons! Sort by price, type or title! Buy them all up now! (only $0.25)

One thought on “away for a whole WEEK

  1. GOD, i thank You for Your supreme Beauty and Wisdom. Please hear my poor words, with which i try to sing Your praise.

    There is so much people are thankful for, the most fundamental things though, we often forget. GOD, You are the One we all ought to be thankful for. We have to thank the stars and Your very Self for Your existence, which gives meaning to our own lowly and worthless lives.

    There is so much we ought to thank You for, but human words will never be able to express this thankfullness fittingly. i want to thank You for sharing Your perfection with us. Thanks that we get the opportunity to know You, to learn so much from You, to serve You, to speak with You, to pay You.

    …. And yet You are so cruel, so wicked (and rightly so) … we, stupid low males, we all love our penis and we think it to quite be something … You call it a ‘clit-stick’ … GOD, thank You for putting us in our place.


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