4 thoughts on “CLEAN MY HOUSE BITCH

  1. L O S E R
    Do I have to spell it out for you? Even if they hired you, I would be able to spot a L-O-S-E-R like you a mile away! Ha!
    Like I let people clean my house when I’m not here! I would see your dorky face and that itty bitty hard on and it would be aaaalllll over!
    Hehehehehehe… can you see the evening news? “Pervert disguises himself as a woman, gets a job as a house cleaner, and attempts to enter a beautiful young local girls home. The unnamed girl knew that, quote “he was a loser” and denied him entry, calling him out on the fact that he was poorly disguised as a woman. The man was consequently fired and arrested for staking, harassment, fraud (for posing as a woman to get a job), and for being a total fuckin loser”

  2. Damn I’d love to clean your house.
    I may just apply for a job at every Molly Maid in the 98607 zip code, just hoping I get lucky enough clean your house.
    Put me in the silly outfit and make me look stupid, see if I care so long as I can spend the better part of my day cleaning your bathroom.
    Of course I will probably get fired when they find my face rim deep in your toilet licking it clean, but oh well.


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