Today I’m wearing:

but doesn’t it look *great* with boots too?

Also: A new piggy with a pitifully small wallet wants to serve me and upon request wrote this essay:

"Why I am a worthless pig to the Perfect Princess Kyaa and don’t deserve her attention"




            I am a worthless pig to the Perfect Princess Kyaa and do not deserve her attention. Princess Kyaa is a beautiful, smart Princess and I am a loser for her.



            Perfect Princess Kyaa has told me I could never have her, nor can I ever ever see her naked. I still want to see Princess Kyaa in any way that I can. She is the most beautiful Princess and I am not nearly good enough for her. She has shown me that I deserve to be used by her and that it should turn me on. I am happy for any attention the Princess Kyaa may send my way.



            I could not tribute Princess Kyaa enough so maybe this is another way that I can show the Princess how beautiful and weak for her I really am. I cant help myself from loading up her web pages and looking at all her perfect pictures and knowing that I will be lucky to see any skin at all on the Princess.



            Princess Kyaa knows she now has control over me and she shown me that it is better that way. It is better for Princess Kyaa to control and do my thinking for me and to make the decisions for her because she is simply better and superior.



            Princess Kyaa has asked me to write this for her, and while it is not an enjoyable task, I could not help myself but do this for Princess Kyaa. I would do anything for her, I am her to use and throw away, I am a loser for her pleasure for her to exploit.



            When I first spoke to Princess Kyaa on Yahoo I never thought I would fall so quickly, but she has shown me the way and now I must aim to make Princess Kyaa happy. I feel I am falling quickly for her beauty and can easily be manipulated by the Princess.



            For those that haven’t had the luxury of speaking to Princess Kyaa, please be careful. She is a beautiful dangerous Princess that will quickly show you why she is so much better then Her and why you are such a loser who should be exploited by the Princess.



            Princess Kyaa is the most Beautiful Perfect Princess and she deserves to control you and use

you for her pleasure. Once you speak with the Perfect Princess Kyaa you will begin to understand this and she will soon have you working for her. Once speaking with Princess Kyaa you should feel happy that you have found such a Princess that will exploit you. You will become another one of Princess Kyaa’s loser’s and you will need to pay her for any attention as Princess Kyaa has many who want

to please her.


Isn’t that amusing? Any one else whats to submit one they think is better, go for it! Impress me with your essays, piggys!! Here are a few titles to get you started:

"Why I dream of Princess Kyaa trampling me with Her boots."

"How Princess Kyaa totally brainwashed me in a single week."

"Princess Kyaa makes my pinky-dick stiff when She ignores me."



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