Miss Princess Kyaa’s birthday, wishlists, and clips4sale

Once more in case you didn’t catch it earlier: my bithday is drawing neigh. October 30th I will be turning 21. Between now and then I want all you losers to buy up as many clips and pictures from my new stores on the clips4sale site. You can purchase and download high quality clips and zip files with loads of pics. Sick and tired of buying 1 and 2 minute clips, hate buying pics of me in 3s? Then follow the links and get clicking!

Also, if you feel like simply spoiling me with nothing but the pleasure of doing so in return (my favorite kind of loser does this a lot), then click the icons below to buy me gift cards from my favorite shops. Purchace them and send them to princess.kyaa@gmail.com (this is for gift cards and payments ONLY, I will not respond to emails sent to this address), but make sure you include your NF username or email so I know who got me what.
Get clicking sluts! I mean it! Even if you only send me $10 gift card for my bday, I expect it from all of you losers! haha




7 thoughts on “Miss Princess Kyaa’s birthday, wishlists, and clips4sale

  1. Strap-On/Strip-Tease
    Princess writes:
    This is one fuckin sexy clip! Any loser would gladly get on his knees and suck for me in this clip, even if cocksucking is on the bottom of his kinks list.
    Well I say HELL YEAH. I’d gladly pay her $500 just to be able to wrap my loser lips around her strap-on for 5 minutes as she teaches me how to suck cock and earn her more money as she pimps me out to any guy she wants.

  2. clips
    i have no interest in sucking a plastic cock, but if you were in front of me, like in your new clip, urging me on, laughing, your legs, your eyes … well i may say no for about 5 seconds. ok maybe 3.


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