Cindy the slaveboi… owned by Princess Kyaa

My lil UK pet, cindy, is progressing well. She has deep feelings of inadiquacy, saying that she want’s to much of my time for too little. This may be true to some degree but it’s not like she is ‘humiliationpig,’ always begging for more of my time and only ever ready to pay 10 or 20 dollars at a time. Cindy is amazingly dedicated, willing to do ANYTHING for me, literally this piggy would walk out into traffic for me.
This makes me very proud and although I am so busy with other losers, milking and draining each of them all as often as possible…. I do really enjoy the time I spend chatting and degrading, draining, teasing, scheaming and plotting against (for?) cindy.
We have a date on the 4th to chat for a few hours, just the two of us, while I drain, viciously, cindy’s account and tease her like never before. It makes me excited to think that I might actually find a slave who is truely MINE not just saying that, but really… really… MINE!

here are some pictures:

I want to read humiliating comments, comments thanking her for making me happy… whatever, just comment, friend and read this journal!!!! THAT’S AN ORDER SHIT HEAD!

3 thoughts on “Cindy the slaveboi… owned by Princess Kyaa

  1. i have as well
    Here is what i wrote to cindy:
    As Princess Kyaa instructed, i have added you as my LJ friend and am commenting on your site. i really shouldn’t have waited for the Princess’ command (though it is always wonderful to receive one), because from the first time i read your feedback i have admired and very much envied you. you are, i think, perhaps the luckiest person on earth. few would have your courage, despite the fact that every cell in our bodies are screaming for us to take the same path, to abandon family and friends, all other commitments, any hand our lives over to Princess Kyaa completely. you are the worthiest of unworthies!


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