Princess Kyaa’s loser club 9-17

The mail has gone out….
If you have NOT got it, EMAIL ME on Niteflirt and I will send it to you ASAP.

ATTENTION: newkyaaloser, kyaaspup, WeakBoi4PrincessKyaa 

You losers have change your names to something else- this means you aren’t in the loser club anymore, and missed out on 6 free pictures and a free 5 minute long video. That means you missed out on a minimum of one free mess you could have made for me! How fucking useless!! If you want back in the loser club I suggest a deep and profound appology for being such  a SLUT!

5 thoughts on “Princess Kyaa’s loser club 9-17

  1. withdrawal symptoms
    i am so addicted to Princess Kyaa. As soon as my wife left the house today, i immediately ran to the computer to get my Princess fix. i opened her Niteflirt page, and Her Live Journal, and Yahoo messenger (in the hope that She might grace me by inviting me to view Her cam, be humiliated, raped, degraded, turned into whatever She wants me to be). But She is not there! i am literally sick with longing for Her. Can’t think. Can’t breathe. Weak. i NEED Her. i NEED to hear Her voice. i NEED to see Her long legs and the perfect ass they lead to. i need to be on my knees before Her grunting and whimpering as only She can make me. But She is both a loving and cruel Goddess. She has given us mortals pics and vids. i will worship Her using those.

  2. Remade into whatever She chooses
    After reducing me to absolute gibbering madness with Her ppv videos, Prince Kyaa sent the second installment of Her exclusive Losers Club photos and, oh my god, another five-minute video. How was it possible to sink any lower? When Princess commands it, it is always possible. During my last live cam session She did things to me i wouldn’t have thought possible a couple of weeks ago. You have to buy a cam session and experience what She can do to You. Things that had never even crossed my mind before became my new fetishes…simply because She willed it. She is turning me into a new creature, remaking me in a way that amuses Her, which is, after all, my only reason for existing now. Thank You, Princess!

  3. Resistance is futile….
    Just like Princess Kaya says. once she gets to you, it doesn’t end. I tried to forget her, but every time i see her pic, it’s bye bye willpower, and i just want to be used. Although all her pics are wonderful, when she starts laughing and rubbing her legs in the loser videos it’s just all over.


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