What I’m wearing today

I know you fucking want it you dribbling idiot. Don’t try to think, that never works out for you. Just send me some money so you can see more of this, dipshit, and that aching hard ministick will feel much better.


[edit] a new loser contacted me just now… and his second email ever to me was a $150 tribute, which is as it should be. He introduced himself then sent money just because he is taking up a little bit of my time… that is a well trained piggy. I’m going to get this bitch drunk and take even more now!

One thought on “What I’m wearing today

  1. Goddess, you have washed my brain clean of all illusions. I am your weak addicted slave and I always will be. You have removed all false pride, and flattened my ego. I am an empty vessel that only you have the power to salvage.


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