Hosiery, heels, and some leg warmers

My leg obsessed piggy, jeffy, has bought me some sexy things so I can milk him further (and I quote "god I missed giving you money" while I was away this weekend, he says), and all of you piggies as well.
So there are logs of sexy hosery I’ll be wearing to tease you losers with!

One thought on “Hosiery, heels, and some leg warmers

  1. Goddess, I made a painful mistake by pledging not to masturbate before I watched your “Leg crossing, cock tease” clip. I struggled to keep my hands above my waist, but I did succeed. The thought of breaking a promise to you exceeded my desire for release. I will keep that clip secluded in a special place until the day you hopefully take pity on me and give permission. That clip, though. if I hadn’t already been addicted to you, it would have pushed me over the edge.


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