what I’m wearing..

Do you see how kind I am? Always letting you see pics of me for free? I am a kind but demanding princess…. I want you to look at the pictures below and if you get all hard and helpless (which I know you already are just from reading this), then you need to call me, or send me a nice fat tribute for some cam times. These legs need to be worshiped A LOT today… I WON’T BE HERE THIS WEEKEND because of a family wedding.

I know you worthless lumps of horny flesh can’t help yourselves when you see something like this:

3 thoughts on “what I’m wearing..

  1. in Her absence…
    Princess Kyaa may be gone for the weekend, but thankfully we still have the photos She has generously provided us. And our dreams. Last night i dreamed that She gathered all the piggies of Her losers club before Her in a semi-circle. we were all on our knees stroking in unison as She taunted and seduced us with Her perfect body. She was like the conductor of a perverse symphony of sighs, moans, and whimpers. Then, for the finale, She had us all cum simultaneously as She laughed mockingly. It was beautiful…and the first wet dream i’ve had in about 15 years. Such is Her power!


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