Mmmmm…. new shoes….. there is a loser out there addicted to my sexy legs, and the way they look when I am standing in hot hot hot heels like these. I’m sure the rest of you agree that I would *kill* in these, no? hehehe… make sure to check out my general Amazon Wishlist for all sorts of random and sexy items to buy me.

Also check out my other wishlists though! I am kind enough to provide you the oppertunity to buy me sex toys, shoes, socks and hosiery, as well as clothing to cover my sexy body just enough to tease you stupid!

Come on, you know how to make this princess happy! BUY ME SOME STUFF! hehehehehe

(PS- Make sure you forward your confirmation emails to me on NF or post them in a comment here so I know who sent what!)

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