My PERSONAL slaves

OWNEDsissy4Kyaa- my slaveboi, cindy, the sissy who is caged forever and owned completely.
workslave4Kyaa- a truely dedicated lil work horse for Me, this slave does all kinds of mundane stuff for me, including having a keen accoung where he reads tarot so he can send me all his money.
humiliationpig4PrincessKyaa- a greedy, desperate loser. a toe sucking, Kyaa obsessee who can’t stop messeging me, and has little money to tribute… I accept him because he is so desperate and that is amusing.

Thats three so far…

any other takers?

11 thoughts on “My PERSONAL slaves

  1. Goddess, I am so looking forward to a weekend of mind fucking from you. I purchased one more of your clips today. I also bought one from one of your best friends.


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