Late late on Friday night one of the sweetest piggies I’ve got (in that he always tributes without me asking, and leaves the best feedback.. plus he is quite the gentleman and never even needs me to be dirty to get off, he just enjoys making me smile), his name is jim, contacted me and after buying some cam time he asked me if I was doing anything this weekend.

Well, I told him that I was going to be dressing up in some sexy outfits and that I would be online to cam all weekend. He asked if I had a job I had to go to besides this one and I replied that no, I love what I do and it is the only job I need.

He then told me that he wanted to pay for me to go out on Saturday night to unwind, have a good time, and be out and about. I was quite pleased with that idea and agreed that that was something I really needed to do. He then agreed to pay for both me and my sexy girlfriend Bri to go out on the town on Saturday night.

Bri and I ended up going out from morning to late night on Saturday, from a yummy decident breakfast to a concert and dinner in the nicest Thai place in town. We went shopping, we bought sexy PJs, lingerie, and I got a new pair of sexy black heels!

All in all we spent around $700, and jim is covering that and then some. This is life as it should be.
There is a lesson for all of you other piggies in this- you don’t have to be as generous as jim to make me happy even, but when you are eager to tribute and please me with compliments and gifts, then you will get prizes like jim did and will be in the future… stack and stacks of free pictures (which he didn’t ask for), a free video (and if he is reading this… expect another one on Wednesday!), and a whole bag of brownie points with me… hahaha!

I’ve included a few picures from my night out here for you….

3 thoughts on “

  1. Goddess, with great anticipation I watched your “Dream of Me Every Night” video before I went to bed last night. Unfortunately I didn’t dream about you, but nonetheless that video was stunning in the effect it had on me just from your beauty. When you instructed me to close my eyes, I couldn’t bring myself to stop looking at your sweet lips and gorgeous blue eyes.

  2. new bitch
    hello all you slaves, my name is david and i am a new kyaa junkie. princess is over the top, i have no will or power against her. She has sent me pictures that i have put on my screen saver. She has made jerk off on my face and let it dry and become crusty. i do not make a lot of money but kyaa is going to get every last penny.


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