more pics, and piggy news

I have been very busy milking piggies. If you read my feedback on my cam line you can see I have had a few guys who keep coming back for more day after day. One of my longest running losers is dorky, a stupid useless guy, especially when his dicklet starts talking to him. His weakness for me almost deserves a reward… almost… hahahaha
And my personal slaveboi, locked still in his chastity belt, has been a good boy despite a few set backs. Soon he will be wearing only girly clothes, I will be training his asshole, training him how to suck cock and get rid of his gag reflex so I can pimp him out… and I am taking every cent he makes that he doesn’t strictly need for rent and bills. What I am doing to this pathetic slave is my favorite definition of rape. hehehe

Set #11, just $3!

Set #12, only $3!

2 thoughts on “more pics, and piggy news

  1. Goddess, I knew I would be unable to wait until bedtime to see a new clip from your store, so I also bought “Teaching the Tenets of Kyaaism – Saying Daily Prayers”. I’m profoundly ashamed to confess that I wasn’t on my knees when the clip began, but I quickly assumed the position at your command. I read the blog post as you instructed and will continue to read and recite those prayers every day. I do not yet feel worthy to respond to that entry, but hope that by the time my chronological journey through your writings gets me there, I will feel more prepared to attempt to compose a prayer of my own.


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