long time no see

So Princess has been out of her mind busy trying to move. I am now in my new house and I am still out of my mind busy, and yet, I still find time to play with my piggies and subs and losers. Just ask dorky, one of my first and most loyal loser pigs, he was drained in multiple ways today by me with a series of ppvs with pics and ppvs for ignore time. Weren’t you dorkface?
Hahaha, I have lots of new pictures and lots of stuff to post so keep an eye out because if you are lucky I will post a lot more frequently starting now.

Stuff like these new pictures for sale:

HOT HOT HOT! Just enough to tease you stiff, huh? hahaha

Till next time,
Princess Kyaa

6 thoughts on “long time no see

  1. Goddess, I have strayed, but somehow I know that you never doubted that I’d be back. I have not been able to stop buying your clips the last few days. Knowing that I’m spending more than I can afford just seems to heighten the excitement. I just bought and viewed your tenets of Kyaaism clip and realized that I must come back to where I left off and attempt to read every word you’ve ever written.


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