Woke up around noon. Ate toast for breakfast. Milked a few new piggies. Around 2 I went to the supermarket and when I got home I had quite a few emails. I responded to some of them and chatted on yahoo for a while while taking calls.
I was contacted by another one of Moniques sluts, this one hungry to get double teamed in a custom video.
Besides him and a few of my addicted regulars, I’ve had lots of new callers, and lots of really strange short calls. I’ve been contacted by at least 4 guys who didn’t realize somehow that I do domination not regular phone sex or live cam porn. A few other guys were just really strange and hung up after barely saying anything. Over all I’m getting more calls more often, but it is still a small percent of piggies that stay on the line for more than 5 minutes or call back again soon.
That small percent though, keeps me busy most of the day. Today my NF account sits at $1,124.55, when four days ago it was at 100. This number does not count the 200+ in gift cards and presents from amazon. At this rate I should triple what I made my first month (last month for you piggies who haven’t been following).
I do hope all the little wallets out there are giving themselves a pat on the back (though most likely they are wanking away at their dicklets) for helping give this Princess the life she deserves.

What I was wearing last night.

What I’m wearing right now.

More tonight after I have dinner.

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