bad night

At about 10 last night I headed out of the house to go to the store for ice cream. On the way my car decided it was time to just break down and stop going. I ended up having to catch a taxi home while having my car towed to the dealership. I should be able to pick it back up this afternoon or early evening, but I’m not positive yet.
So I made a couple buttons so you could reimburse me for my expenses from my little ordeal last night.

My car breaking down means that I can’t go do the photo shoot with Monique today, which is rather disappointing for me as well as you piggies. Hopefully we can reschedule for sometime soon.
I do potentially have a hot date with a feisty redhead. No one I’ve been with before, but she is very smart (earning a PHD degree at the moment) and very sexy (short, thin, nice pale skin). The two of us are going out to dinner and back to her place to “get to know each other” a bit more. We both know what’s going to happen after a few drinks, but she is to shy to say it out loud.
So I will be on and off the computer during the day today, but this evening I don’t think I’ll be leaving my phone on unless someone wants to specially arrange a call.
Anyway- good morning!

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