For a while there has been a piggy flitting about, tempted, but not tempted enough. Today he gave in. Half my age and married, I had him on his knees worshiping my body with ppv after ppv. I laughed as he told me that my beauty could not compare to his ageing, overweight wife. I had him paying me money to admit as he kneeled before the pictures I sent to him that he was an addicted loser who needed to worship this Princess’s beautiful body.
This one was fun particularly because he seemed so reluctant at first. I am sure that he will not resist so much next time.

Another more regular piggy of mine. My own sussy sult, piggy steve. While I was away from the computer to have a late dinner and watch a long movie I noticed that I had recieived a suprise $50 amazon gift card. I really love amazon gift cards because I am currently saving up to get a new camera so that I can take professional pictures and videos to further milk my piggies with. Now this piggy had become addicted to me rather quickly and it was with his previous tributes I bought my brand new Logitech web cam. So I took this picture for him…

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