I had some left over pizza while watching a movie this evening after spending around 3 hours sitting in front of my computer with the webcam on, milking a few piggies for all they had. I especially enjoyed milking one dork in particular. This loser has come back to me time and time again, each time crawling with his belly closer to the floor. 
This pathetic little man is so addicted that even after he spasmodically came after a full 40 minutes of sending tribute after tribute to me, begging to see more of me, he continued to watch (mostly on ignore, except if I was bored) for 3 1/2 hours. 
There is no doubt in my mind that the widdle sissyfuck dork will come back to me again sometime soon, begging, “yes, Princes, yes, more!”
Haha, and that’s all he can ever say. No brain, just his stupid little stick.

That’s me right now. A little sleepy. But I’m up for a little while to see if there is anyone to abuse and milk for more money.


No bites and I’m giving up after only a few minutes. Too sleepy. *yawn*


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