not so addicted addict to piss me off

Princess was in a mood this afternoon when my plans for doing a shoot this evening began to get shaky. I had just got off the phone with a girlfriend of mine who was no long positive that she could come round and play with me tonight. I had been so looking forward to getting down and dirty with a very sexy petite redhead that the idea of it not working out had me rather pissy.
Then a certain addict called. A piggy of a fellow flirt, he has been offering me advice as an experienced NF addict. Although I do appreciate his advice, when he started to become cheeky and said something along the lines of “I guess I’m just not that needy” to me in this oh-so-bratty tone of voice, I simply hung up.
I am thankful for his words of advice, but either way, I’m the fucking Princess, and he can either keep that in mind at all times or fuck off.  
I have a funny feeling that in all likelihood he won’t be calling back, if not ever, then not for a long time. He is already so needy and so self consumed (proud of how addicted he is) that he will take my hang up the wrong way. 
I told him I was busy at the moment, and in a pissy mood. When he said he wasn’t so needy, it just pissed me off. If he didn’t need me, then why the fuck was he staying on the line?

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