Sunday so I slept in. Woke up and I saw that I had an email on NF from one of my most dedicated little oinkers. I had requested some pictures of his loser ass, and he was reluctant because he had never sent pictures of himself to a flirt before. Of course his resistance was, as they say, futile, and I got my dirty little pics in the end.

After I finished having a good laugh at his pictures he called at my request and we talked for a while while I cooked breakfast (corn beef hash and scrambled eggs, yum!). He came just from my talking about how ravenously hungery I was while I cooked. I laughed, and he came on his knees again.
He promised to pay a little cum tax for squirting it so easily, but I have yet to recieve it. Hmmmm, I wonder if he is pushing my limits. I don’t think he will like it when he crosses the line. 

One thought on “Breakfast

  1. I fear that in my stupidity, I was reading your blog posts in reverse order, Goddess. I apologize for my carelessness, and will now read them in chronological order.


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