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262 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’ve been listening to your new year a new life video series. I have the first four of them and find that I’m irresistibly drawn to your power, control! Your beauty is only surpassed by your power!

  2. Dear Goddess Kyaa I will obey your every command. I never thought I would eat my own cum. But watching that video of you commanding me to, I couldn’t help it. And I couldn’t help to like it. And now I’ve done it more than once. I don’t know how you have this control but thank you Goddess Kyaa

  3. Goddess kyaa. I serve at your feet. I am a new minion, who will worship you at his knees. I just recently came across you accidentally on one of your videos. It started to play before me, and I couldn’t look away from your gorgeous blue eyes. I suddenly found myself obsessed with you, I can’t stop thinking about your beautiful body and voice. Dwelling on how to please you. I keep trying to pul away from your spell but I can’t seem to break free. I’ve thought about asking you too let me free from your hypnosis, but I relized that’s pointless. So if you could just comment me back to tell me how you want me to worship you, Goddess Kyaa.

  4. Dear Mistress Kyaa. I know you are irrestable and superior to me. I am very respectful and i know my place. Im new to your site but i have seen clips of you. Astonishing. I will never be rude but i want to beg for permission to ask you something
    I know i dont desetve this but i felt i could ask or beg in the proper way so as not to be like the other male dogs. If you will allow me to ask this please let me know
    Or how ever you want slave to get your answer. The question will be tastefull snd respectful
    It will.not be dirty ot sexusl or about nudity in any way
    Please may i ask Mistress Kyaa. I will tribute as soon as i can
    Waiting for my checks. Was in a life threatening situation in hospital for 38 days and in bed still but i am getting better
    Thinking of being a foot slave has kept me going
    Thats why i decided not to be so afraid of talking to Mistress goddess
    I was snd still are a gentleman and a funny guy you can show off like your clown
    Well Mistress Kayy, this slave will wait and hopefully we shall speak or communicate

  5. Dear Goddess Kyaa,

    I absolutely love you! Your face, body, and feet are absolutely the sexiest, most amazing and wonderful in the world! I wish I could make you as happy and excited as you make me! I am totally addicted to you and very happy you are in the world! Thank you very much awesome Goddess Kyaa!



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